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Jeremy & Nikki Barber Family

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Biggest Loser!!!

I had the best chance to workout with my best friends everyday, but Sundays, for 13 weeks! We were on the Mission Slimpossible team at South Valley Gym. I had such an incredible time working out with these two ladies! My day isn't complete until I get a workout in with them. I love them so very much.

Sleeping in the Tub!

One morning I got Dani up and moving for school. After I put her in the bath I laid back down because it was a long night with the twins. I grew concerned because I didn't hear her splashing in the water or her singing or talking, we all know she is constantly talking. I pulled my very tired body out of bed and went to check on her. She was passed out in the tub. I has to take a picture. She was "so tired". She didn't want to go to school; she just wanted to stay in the warm tub and sleep.

Princess By the Pond!

We took the chance to take Danilynn and our sweet niece, Marly to the Princess by the Pond in Salem. We had so much fun and we were able to see every princess and get our nails painted, face painted and fun Cookies. I cherish my time with Sweet Dani! She is my beautiful little girl.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fruit Ninja!!!!

Today was spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa Day! They picked up the big kids, took them to lunch and then to Uncle Jerrod's to play. Well, being the cool Uncle that Uncle Jerrod is he hooked the kids up to his X-Box Connect and let them play Fruit Ninja! Dani LOVED it! She played for an hour by herself and she was sad to leave it. JJ on the other hand has the attention span of a hummingbird on crack and couldn't focus. We had fun playing with Grandpa and Grandma.

Who needs an alarm clock?

I have plenty of early morning motivators! Off to the gym I go, but not before I get my snuggles, loves and smiles. Oh how I love them!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dani's 6th Birthday!!!

Dani turned 6 years old this last week. She is such a great big sister! The twins love her and watch her whenever she walks in the room. She has such a special heart and I love her so much. She is a joy to have and I can't imagine not having her in my life.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Hospital Buddy...

Well, I have been blessed with an over active uterus. My little girls are trying to find their way out of my tummy. It was discovered on Tuesday when I went in for my perinatalogy appointment and I complained to my doctor about having contractions and she did a little ultrasound and discovered that my cervix was opening. I was admitted to the Labor and Delivery floor at Utah Valley Hospital. They shot me with steroids and magnesium and a couple of other meds to try to stop the contractions. I went from not being dialated to being dialated to a 2+.

I have been moved to another wing of the hospital called Antipartum.  I spend my time doing...NOTHING!!!!  I have slowly lost tubes; I am not hooked up to anything except these lovely little leg squeezers that are used to prevent blood clots.  I get to order food from this fabulous thing called "Room Service". But I miss my family. I miss my hubby and my kids.  They mean everything to me and it is really hard to be away from them.  But loved ones have stepped up and taken care of my little family.  MY HUBBY ROCKS!!!!

My third day here, my students from American Beauty Academy dropped a package off on my door step and my husband delievered it to me later that day.  Inside was a fabulous pink pillow, chocolates and this stuffed animal.
This stuffed animal is special to me because when Jenna, my little sister, was in the hospital receiving chemo she had a stuffed animal called "Husky".  He went with her for every hospital stay, so it was very touching to me to pull my own little "Husky" out and look at him when I feel scared or alone.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our BIGGEST News!!!!

Well...we have tried to keep secrets and anyone who knows me, knows that secret keeping is not my strong suit!  But Jerm has tried to tame me a little bit. 
We are blessed to annouce that we are going to be having twin girls.  They are due in December, but my doctor promises me that I will deliver before November 27th. 
Our hearts are full, and the kids are super excited.  It is hard to know how to prepare supplies and ourselves for this huge change in our lives.  If you have any ideas...let us know.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Little Dancer...

 Dani is "Our Little Dancer". Dani was lucky enough to be able to take dances classes from Lighthouse Performing Arts.  She loved Miss Neisha and enjoys dancing.  Her most favorite part of dancing is performing on stage.  Can you believe it? My daughter, a "Performer"?  I know..I know!
She is beautiful and I love her!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Headed Out to Carls Jr...

All of the Walker Grand Children...
 We had so much fun going with all of the cousins and aunts to Carl's Jr.  We sat and talked and watched the kids play and slide down the slide.  They had so much fun climbing up the playland and enjoying their time with each other.  We just had to get out of the house, and spend sometime with their cousins. We had a BLAST!!!
The Shed....
The work in progress!! I will get another picture before we head out of here in yet another snowstorm on Sunday!!!  :)  Good Times!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Aunt Erika and Anna came up with crafts and activities for the kids to do while Thanksgiving Diner was being made.  We had  a whole turkey family because some kids made two.

Dani's turkey has purple feet, and J.J.'s has red feet.  We had so much fun!!!
We had so much fun!  I love these little Turkeys! We had so much fun building and bending the pipe cleaners. Dani wanted to have all purple feathers. We had to talk her into having a colorful turkey.  J.J. was just wondering around, but when I showed him his turkey he was so excited.

We had a fabulous dinner.  We waited for the men to come in from working on the shed.  They have been working so hard, day and night, in the freezing cold.  The best thing about the shed is that when ever we get together in the future we will always be able to look out the window and know that the boys poured their sweat and tears into this shed. No blood has been spilled yet, but we still have some time.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cathy is in Town...

Cathy is in town.  What a blessing it is to have her in my life.  I know that some people have only a few nice things to say about their mother in law...but not me! The list is endless! I Love Her!!! She is such an amazing woman.  I am blessed to have her!!! Thanks for coming to visit! Tonight we watched "Letters to Juliet".

I can never get sick of sappy romances.  It makes me so grateful to have my very own sappy romance. Because when I watch those romances develop on screen, it makes my heart soar, knowing that I feel that way about my husband. What a miracle to find someone to love so much!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


We had so much fun at Aunt Erikas! We went Trick-or-Treating with Uncle Jerrod, Anna, and Nathan.  We went around the block and the kids gathered a lot of good candy.

Dani was a Pink Princess with Pink Hair. She as Beautiful!!!

J.J. was a Musketeer.  but he ended up looking more like a cowboy than a musketeer.  He wouldn't carry his sword, and he was tired by the time we were half way through with Trick-or-Treating.  

Friday, August 20, 2010

Special Birthday Moment!!!!

Today, my sister-in-law, Erika took care of my kids while both Jerm and I were at work. I went to pick the kids up after I got off of work. I missed the great big sign on the sidewalk that said, "happy birthday mom". So I was really surprised when I walked in the door and there was balloons and kids hiding all over the house. They were so excited to jump out and yell, "Happy Birthday!" It was so cute! J.J. and Dani were hiding under the kitchen table, and Erika's kids were hiding too. The kids were so excited to show me the balloons and the birthday cake that they picked out. It was so fun!!!

The sweet moment came when Dani decided to take "her" balloons outside, and you guessed it, she let them go. She came in, and asked me, in a very stressed out voice for a really tall ladder cause she let go of her balloons. Erika came to the rescue and told her that Jenna's Birthday was coming up and she needed some balloons too. Dani proudly told me that she sent Aunt Jenna some Happy Birthday Balloons. She also told her daddy that she sent Aunt Jenna some balloons for her birthday. She is so proud of herself! Thank You, Aunt Erika, for the birthday party and for making a potentially disastrous situation tolerable.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Jerm's Owie...

For those who didn't know, the morning Jenna passed away, was my first day at my new job. About 45 minutes before my lunch hour, I get a text: "do you think you can come home early for lunch?" So...I give Jerm a call trying to get information out of him. Why do I need to come home? What is going on? All he would tell me was, "I think I need to go to the emergency room. Will you just come home?" So I jump into the car, and I get home, and Jerm has a towel wrapped around his hand. SCARY!!! I give Erika a call, and she said, "bring over you kids". So the kids had their first experience being watched by Erika. After convincing J.J. that crying was not helping, she said that he did okay. So...back to Jerms finger. He was mowing the lawn, and something got stuck in the blade, so he turned off the lawn mower, and lifted up the flap to remove whatever was stuck, and when the unwanted object was removed, the blade had one final spin to rotate, and it literally hit his finger so hard it blew the top off. He wasn't cut by the blade, just the pressure from it's impact exploded the fingertip. So, stitches were needed. While we were in Idaho, Jerm decided to remove his stitches, and just glue his owie back together. If we were smart, we would have glued it to begin with.
Lesson Learned!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

O.K....Thank Goodness for the Sturdy Cabinetry of the 1950's

Jerm and I were running all over the house getting things together to get out the door and start our drive up to Idaho for Jenn's funeral. The kids, (insert clearing throat sound) were kindof left unattended. All parents understand how that can happen. Anyway, J.J. decided he needed a drink, so he opened the sippy cup drawer, and hopped in. He, of course, took his blankie with him. Kids crack me up. I am grateful for his determination to get himself a drink while mom and dad were going crazy. Self preservation is a good quality for our kids.
Children are a Blessing.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jenna Lee Returned to Her Heavenly Father...

Jenna Lee Walker
August 23, 1985 - July 14, 2010

Jenna returned home to her Heavenly Father Wednesday, July 14th at 9:36 pm. After her four year battle with Ewing's Sarcoma, a connective tissue cancer, she was finally released from her earthy body.

We are grateful for all of the prayers that have been said on Jenna's behalf, and we are grateful for the prayers that are being said for our family and those who love her. We are feeling the comforting powers of the Spirit and are so grateful for The Loving Plan of Our Father in Heaven that will allow us to dwell with her and Our Heavenly Father again.

We Love You, Jenna Lee, and we are grateful that your trials of this life are over and you are no longer suffering. Please watch over us, and visit us when we are in need of your love.
We will miss you!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kiaya's Baptism...Yeah Kiaya!!!

One of the blessings of our move has been the opportunity to be to the family gatherings like baptisms. Our sweet, beautiful, wonderful, happy Kiaya (my little brother, Jon's, daughter) chose to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are so proud of you!!! Kiaya, you are a blessing to the Walker Family. We are grateful for your presence in our family, and we love you!!! Thank You for setting an example for all of your cousins to follow! Remember to be faithful, truthful, and prayerful. Congrats Kiaya!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What the?

I searched for this sippy cup. Judge if you want, but I put J.J. to sleep with a sippy cup still. Just with water, but it has to be one of these playtex cups because they don't leak. They are wonderful!! Anyway, I couldn't find it anywhere. I almost called out a search party. In my frustration, I saw some dishes that needed to be loaded, so I opened up the dishwasher and I FOUND the much needed sippy cup. This is just one of the many things that Heavenly Father has helped me with. If you seek, you will find. And, yes, a non-leaking sippy cup is something I pray to find. Every normal mom does.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of JULY!!!!

All I can say about the 4th of July, is...
We had a blast! Jerm and Joie put on a good show. Both Jerm and I had to work the 4th, so our fireworks show was on the 5th, but hey, kids got to see fireworks. Who can complain?